Children are also an integral part of the process of establishing mass immunization

In the current situation, children should also adhere to wearing masks when traveling.

Wang Huaqing, chief expert of immunization planning of China CDC, said that with the continuous spread of the epidemic, especially in some countries with serious epidemic, the prevalence of children is rising, and some are close to the level of the same period last year.

"After children suffered from the new crown, we thought the symptoms were relatively mild in the past, but now we find that with the continuous increase of children's diseases, in fact, there are some severe cases and individual children die."

He said that no matter adults or children, as long as they are infected with the virus, you are a source of infection. From the perspective of infectious source control, the management of children should also be strengthened.

"Now, whether it is to control the source of infection or cut off the route of transmission, the disease has not been controlled in most countries. In the future, we expect to establish mass immunization. Children are also an indispensable part of the process of establishing mass immunization through vaccination."
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