The prices of N95 types of masks are stable

We recently visited several pharmacies and found that the current sales and prices of various masks have not been greatly affected.

"At present, the price of N95 masks in the store has been relatively stable without much change. Recently, there has been no phenomenon of customers hoarding and purchasing."

An offline pharmacy staff told reporters. The staff member said that the recent sales of masks in the store had not changed much, and the supply was stable.

"Many kn95 masks were purchased during the epidemic last year, but they have not been used up. At present, there is no demand for them." In a drugstore, a customer said in an interview with reporters that he and his friends around had a lot of "inventory" at home and didn't worry too much.

When searching on several e-commerce platforms, we also found that most businesses have sufficient supply of N95, kn95 and other high-level protective masks, and the price has not changed significantly.
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