We should still wear masks before mass immunization

Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, delivered a video speech and made the latest research and judgment on the current topics of widespread concern such as vaccine effectiveness, booster needle and delta strain in China.

What kind of vaccination level should China reach in order to achieve "mass immunization"? Zhong Nanshan said that this is related to the efficiency of the vaccine and depends on the transmission coefficient of the virus“ The effective rate of vaccine in China is about 70%, so China needs more than 80% of the whole population to be vaccinated in order to establish an effective mass immunization. Now, China's vaccination rate will probably reach more than 80% by the end of this year. "

At present, 9 vaccines have been listed on Chinese mainland or are urgently needed. Is China's vaccine useful? " Zhong Nanshan cited several recent research results. The first is about the practical application of China's Kexing vaccine in Chile, which was published in the New England Journal of medicine by the personnel of the Chilean Ministry of health in July this year. Data show that by studying the situation of vaccination of about 10000000 people over 16 years old, it is concluded that the effective rate of preventing COVID-19 infection by Kexing vaccine is 65.9%, the effective rate of preventing hospitalization is 87.5%, the prevention of serious illness is 90%, and the prevention of death is 86%. Zhong Nanshan said, this shows that Kexing vaccine has a good preventive effect on COVID-19.

Another study published in the lancet showed that the effective rate of koshing vaccine in Turkey was 83.5%, and there were no reports of serious adverse reactions and deaths due to vaccination. Zhong Nanshan said that this study also shows that Kexing vaccine has a good protective effect on vaccinators, and is safe and tolerable.

With regard to the current concern about the delta strain, Zhong Nanshan introduced that the current laboratory research shows that the protective effect of domestic vaccines such as Kexing on the delta strain has decreased, but it is still "very effective".

In the recent epidemic in Guangzhou, 153 people were infected with delta strain. Zhong Nanshan introduced that through the comparison between patients vaccinated with domestic vaccine and non vaccinated patients, it was found that domestic inactivated vaccine had a protective effect on delta virus strain, with an overall protection rate of nearly 60%, 70% for moderate symptoms and 100% for severe patients. The study was just published in the journal emerging microbes infections in recent days.

How long after vaccination, will immune function decline? Zhong Nanshan cited relevant materials from Israel and the United States respectively. Israel has the highest vaccination rate in the world, and the number of cases once decreased sharply. At the beginning of vaccination, the protection rate of Pfizer vaccine used in Israel reached 95%, but after half a year, the protection rate fell to 39%. Zhong Nanshan pointed out that this shows that the efficiency of mRNA vaccine can be maintained for half a year.

The number of confirmed cases in the United States also rebounded in August. Zhong Nanshan believes that it can be estimated that the protection rate of vaccine usually decreases after half a year of vaccination.

"The immune function of inactivated vaccine or mRNA vaccine decreased significantly half a year after vaccination. Various countries are exploring how to strengthen the immune effect of vaccines. Countries vaccinated with inactivated vaccine and mRNA vaccine are testing the effect of adding one dose six months after two doses. " Zhong Nanshan said.

According to the latest research data in China, the antibody level increased significantly by more than 10 times 6 months after the second dose of vaccine, and remained at a relatively high level 6 months after vaccination.

"It seems that this is a promising way to strengthen immunization." Zhong Nanshan introduced that at present, the data of enhanced immunity level after mRNA vaccination in foreign countries have not been counted, and the protective effect of domestic enhanced vaccination needle in the real world needs to be further proved.
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