CE certified disposable mask

Qingdao Bioforce-aid produces and exports non sterile 3ply CE certified disposable mask.Size of disposable medical masks with nose wire is 17.5cm * 9.5cm.


CE certified disposable medical mask

Product name

Disposable medical mask


Non sterile


EN 14683:2019+AC:2019


Type ll R





Outer layer

25g/m2 spun bond non woven

Middle layer

25g/m2 melt blown fabric

Inner layer

25g/m2 spun bond non woven

Shelf life

two years (obtained by accelerated aging test)

[Structural composition]Disposable medical mask non sterileis composed of mask body, nose clip and mask belt. Thedisposable medical mask non sterilebody is made of non-woven fabrics and melt blown fabrics.

The nose clip ofdisposable medical mask non sterileis a plastic material, and the mask belt is an elastic material.lt is not sterile,it is disposable.

[Product raw materials]Polypropylene non-woven fabric,polypropylene melt blown fabric, elastic  mask belt, PE nose clip.

[Scope of application] For all kinds of clinical staff, they shall be protected withCE certified disposable maskin the process of non invasive operation,covering the mouth,nose and jaws of the users,so as to provide some physical barriers to prevent pathogen microorganisms and particles from passing through directly.

[Contraindications,cautions,warnings and hints]

(1)ThisCE certified disposable maskis a disposable product. After use,CE certified disposable maskshould be disposed of as a medical waste.

(2) ThisCE certified disposable maskshould avoid contacting and colliding with acid,alkali and sharp objects. If it is damaged, do not continue to use it.

(3) TheCE certified disposable mask isnot sterile, and can not be used in sterile environment such as operation room.

(4)Please pay attention to the integrity of packages. Do not use them if they are damaged or exceed the expiration date.

(5)This product is suitable for non protective isolation requires medical environment, non special purification requires medical environment,and is not suitable for aseptic operation.Use with caution in people with material allergy

[Instructions for use]

(1)Choose the right size ofdisposable medical masks with nose wire;

(2)Observe the packaging integrity and production date ofdisposable medical masks with nose wire,open the package and take out thedisposable medical masks with nose wireafter confirming that there is no problem;

(3) Usedisposable medical masks with nose wireas soon as possible after opening.

(4)Put the colored side of tho mask outward,the side with the nose clip upward,hang the mask belt on the ear,so that the mask completely covers the mouth, nose and chin, press the nose clip on the mask along both sides of the nose beam, so that the mask is close to the face.Do not touch the outside of the mask with your hands during use.

[Product maintenance and maintenance methods,special storage,transportation conditions and methods] Thedisposable medical masks with nose wireshould be stored at room temperature in ventilated.dry,light proof,and non corrosive gas rooms,away from fire sources and inflammable materials.Transport by means of vehicles at normal temperature to prevent rain and to prohibit direct sunlight exposure.

[Registered person/production enterprise/after-sales service enterprise]Qingdao Bioforce-aid Technology Co.,Ltd.

[Registered person/address of production enterprise] No. 20 Siyuan Road,Qingdao High-tech Industrial Development Zone

[Production date/production batch number/expiration date] see packing

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