Cartoon disposable face mask

Some children may resist wearing masks. At this time, if the mask has a beautiful design, for example, the outer layer of the mask has a cute cartoon image, children may be more willing to wear cartoon disposable face mask. Cartoon character disposable masks of Bioforce-aid are popular among children.


On May 6, 2020, the State Administration of market supervision and administration of China and the State Standardization Administration of China issued the national standard for children's masks (GB / T 38880-2020), which will be implemented as of the date of promulgation.

This standard is applicable to the masks worn by children aged 6 and above and 14 and below, which are used to filter particles in the air and block microorganisms, pollen, droplets, etc.

This standard is not applicable to masks with electric air supply (exhaust) device.

The assessment items of internal quality requirements are as follows:



Disposable cartoon protective mask for child


Color fastness to dry rubbing/grade


Only the dyeing and printing parts will be tested

Formaldehyde content/(mg/kg)



pH value



Dyes that can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amines


Only the dyeing and printing parts will be tested

Mobile fluorescent brightener

It shall not be detected


EO residue/(μg/g)



Nose clip length/cm


Only the masks with nose clips will be tested

Folding resistance of nose clip

It shall not break

Only the masks with nose clips will be tested

Breaking strength of the mask belt and the joint between the mask belt and the mask body/N



Expiratory Resistance/Pa



Inhalation resistance/Pa



Protective effect/%



Particle filtration effect/%



Flame retardancy

Burning time/s


Sharpness of tip and edge

There shall be no sharp tips or edges that can be touched

The detection parts include the edge of the mask, the breathing valve, the decorative parts and the parts with sharp tips and edges

Breathing valve cover fastness

There should be no slippage, fracture and deformation

Only the masks with valves will be tested.



Escherichia coli

It shall not be detected

No detection

Pathogenic pyogenic bacteria

It shall not be detected

Total number of fungal colony/(CFU/g)



Total bacteria colony/(CFU/g)


It refers to Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and hemolytic streptococcus

Package of Bioforce-aid child face mask:

10pc/pouch, 2 pouch/box, 54 pouch/carton

Outer carton size:53*52*34cm

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