Do you need to continue to wear masks after vaccination?

So far, the protective effect of any vaccine can not reach 100%, and a few people may not produce protective effect or get sick after vaccination. At present, the population immune barrier has not been established, so personal protective measures still need to be taken after vaccination, mainly including the following points:

1. During the epidemic period, try to avoid going to crowded public places, do not participate in gatherings and meals, do not go out if it is not necessary, and try to stay at home. When you go out, you should pay attention to wear protective masks. If you have the conditions, you can also wear disposable gloves, because the virus can also be transmitted through direct or indirect contact with respiratory secretions of infected people.

2. Families should pay attention to regular ventilation and disinfection.

3. During the epidemic period, we should pay attention to exercise, supplement various nutrients, and enhance the body immunity.

4. If an individual has a typical or suspected epidemiological contact history, he must report to the prevention and control department in time, specify his action track and accept isolation inspection. In case of suspected infection symptoms, he shall immediately go to local fever clinics for virus nucleic acid and antibody detection, and cooperate with the prevention and control department to isolate or treat at the designated place.
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