Classification of FFP2 masks

1. Disposable particulate mask: alias: "disposable FFP2 mask" this kind of particulate mask is suitable for short-term use in polluted environment,

2. Half mask: alias: "FFP2 mask", "dust mask", "dust mask" with exhalation valve design, reduce heat accumulation, make breathing easier, suitable for long-term use in high temperature and high humidity environment, using non-toxic, tasteless, non allergic, non irritating raw materials. The adjustable nose clip with high filtration efficiency and low resistance makes the mask and face more airtight. The dust can not easily leak into the filter layer after electrostatic treatment. It can effectively filter and absorb tiny harmful industrial dust, prevent silicosis and ultrasonic welding. The elastic band of spandex material can more effectively protect the wearer. Application: construction industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, food processing industry, cement plant, etc Textile factory, cutting dust, heavy metal harmful pollutants workplace.

3. Full face cover: alias: full face dust cover, is used in special environment

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